LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

No sympathy (if that's what this entails)

I just wanted to give everyone the general health update.

I went to the doctor today because I have an ear infection (nothing serious, I realized the canal was swollen and I needed a doctor anyways, so I made an appointment for today). I got some drops for the ear, just FYI.

So, I went into the doc's office, and they took my temp, pulse and blood pressure. My pulse was 80 (best it's been in a while) and my pressure was 170/100. I'm surprised my heart hasn't exploded yet. So, she asked if that was normal, and I said, well, it's usually 160/90, so I guess it's a little high today :)

So, the doctor says, let me ask my husband, because you are too young to have this high of blood pressure. Apparently, her husband is a kidney specialist, and so, she wants him to give me a workup. I have no idea what that consists of besides a pee test (which I'm sure they will give me, I hate pee tests). If you all know what is part of a kidney workup, please, let me know.

So, anyways, she gives me the script for the ear drops and a script for HCTZ, which is for the blood pressure. Oh, and I have to go back for a physical in about a month, so I guess I really better get crackin' at the gym, eh? :)

Ah well, so is the life of an overweight Mexican who eats too much fried food and has a penchant for coffee (and I'm really really trying, well, not really really, just sort of trying to quit smoking).

Okay, oh, and April, I'm glad Adrienne is doing okay...I was worried. And Sarah, feel better, I don't like it when my friends are sad. :)
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