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I remembered some of the stuff I was going to post about.

I sent an email to Delta regarding the switching of the flight numbers on the Expedia site (please to be knowing that they didn't actually STOP doing this) and getting my seats switched, paying extra to be put on a flight that was less crowded and picking a particular seat, etc.

Their response? A $50 voucher towards a future flight. Really? I highly doubt I will ever fly Delta again since they don't seem to be making any moves towards stopping listing multiple flights which are actually the same freaking flight.

The other was that I checked my 2nd mortgage through Citi and realized that they dropped my interest rate by half. Holy crap! I says. I find a UPS letter at my front door from them. It's only until January. It's to give me time to work something out with my 1st mortgage holder. The funny thing is, my first mortgage holder actually has me at a decent rate, not a great rate, but better than Citi had me (7% on 1st, 12% on 2nd).

I may actually call my first mortgage holder and see if they'll drop my rate a percent or two since I've been paying on time for 3 years, etc. I don't qualify for any of the government assistance programs because I'm current and my payments are less than 30% of my monthly income. Sorry I made a responsible purchase, I didn't realize that was a bad thing to try to handle my shit properly.

I started using Mint.com to keep track of my spending and what not. I've already stopped going to the RG as much, seeing as I was spending A LOT of money there that I don't really have. My goal is to save as much money from each paycheck as absolutely possible and pay down the debt as fast as I can. I'd like to make 2-4 extra payments a year on my CC debt through the consolidator. If I can do a large quarterly payment, that would be pretty awesome. I'd also like to see if I could get a discount if I pay my auto/condo insurance every 6 months, instead of a monthly bill. That would be pretty awesome. Just put the money in the savings account every month instead of paying the bill, then earn some interest on that money instead of it just going right out to the insurance company.

I traded my old dining room table for a recliner and stereo for the bedroom. Good trade, I think. :)

I think the pink couch is going to go on Craigslist on the free section. The cats did their best to destroy it. They did a pretty good job on it. It'd be a good porch couch, or art project. Otherwise, I have to wait until 8/31 for brush and bulky day for my part of town. I'd like to get rid of it before then. OR, I could trade a pizza to someone to take it to the dump for me. Who wouldn't like a free pizza? I guess people who don't like pizza.

I guess there isn't much more to say right now. ok, gonna go and figure out if I really want to do laundry today or wednesday.

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