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Gawd. Just watched saddest ER ever. The one where Carter and Lucy are attacked by the schizophrenic patient. And Carter and Lucy are on the floor and bleeding to death and then she dies in the end because of a pulmonary embolism. *sob*

Anyways, new week of school started today. Have to pick a case to brief, answer some questions, run a simulation, read a chapter, read two lectures and two team assignments. I can do it!

I just hope I can do this stuff next weekend when I'm at home. I can log into the phone line there, which is groovy, actually, things might go faster if I do it from home (funnily enough) since it's a dedicated connection and not a wireless router.

One of Josh's old friends is coming to visit this weekend, I think he gets here today. Has some issues with his liver and doesn't like cheese. That's all I got so far. How can you NOT like cheese?? What is wrong with this person? I can only assume he's a communist. Vera is getting along better with Otis, only hissing half the time now. She's finally discovered that she can get up onto the top of the kitty condo, so she stays up there most of the day. Good for her. Although, she was brave enough to come visit me back here in my "office" for a bit. Good times good times.

It's starting to warm up a bit, I have kind of mixed feelings about this. I did enjoy it not being balls hot, but it will be nice to go for a swim soon. And, the temp agency #1 called yesterday, saying, "Hey, we got a job opening for $9.50/hr and then it goes up to $10/hr after 90 days." Not exactly what I was expecting, but I said that I would interview with them. She made it sound like it wasn't too busy there, which really isn't what I'm looking for. I need something that will make me earn my money, but if it's $10/hr then I don't wanna work that hard either :)

So, I called back today to see what was up, and she said that they can't hire someone right now, but they are holding onto my resume. And she faxed my resume to a few other places, but they aren't hiring right now. So, I called temp agency #2 and she said that she had quite a few permanent positions open, so she would check them out for me and call me back. I'm still waiting for a call back, but it's only been an hour, so I will wait until tomorrow to see, I may just go over there tomorrow and see what's up actually.
I'm tempted to just go get a serving job for a few weeks until something comes up. I don't really want to go back to waitressing, but if it will bring in some cash, then that's what I need. Something for me to think about really. Bobbie is having her ass handed to her on a platter today. The evil receptionist whose job I was supposed to have is on a mini vacation until Monday. So, Bobbie has to take over her duties as well as do her own. She is ready to kill. It's not that it's hard, but, it's time consuming because it is the payroll and you have to find out where everyone is everyday so that you can bill the proper job. She managed to get it done by 9 and is now focusing on her usual work. I can only imagine if that's all this woman has to do every day, I would kill myself from boredom. Maybe things are going the right way.

I think I'm done rambling for now. Nothing really exciting going on in my life. I guess Sunday I will put nose to the grindstone and start scouring the want ads again. I have a message on my cell phone from American Income, which I can only assume is another insurance company. Not something that I want to do, ever, in my life. It just seems slimy. No offense to anyone who is in insurance sales, I'm sure you love it,but it's just not for me.

Ok...I'm going to stop procrastinating and do some school work now. Ta!


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