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It feels like forever since I posted here.

Almost got to fire someone, but having no proof that he smoked the weed in the walkin, I don't get to. I am ready, however, to boot his ass down to cook since he can't seem to handle his duties on a nightly basis. He's been doing this too long to have these kind of bonehead mistakes. And any time I call him on them, "Oh, I forgot." "I didn't know we were supposed to do that." "Uhhh, I know you just said what we were supposed to do, but I wasn't really listening, so can you tell me again?"

*bangs head on the oven*

Last night was like working with two zombies. Neither one of them knew what the fuck was going on. I was trying to hold it together with the help of one of the drivers who had SOME inkling as to what was going on with the orders.

Of course, I'm also hot and sticky and covered in flour and not very happy with that in general.

I heard a restaurant in town fired EVERYONE and was hiring a whole new crew. Hmmmmmmmm...

Unfortunately, with the mortgage, I'd rather not take that risk. *sigh*.

Ok, have to pretend to work right now. As much as I don't want to.

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