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I'm buying a tv tomorrow.

After almost 2 years (possibly longer) of no television, I am buying one. From craigslist, so you know, I'm not completely going off the deep end. :)

I decided to buy a Wii. It looks like some fun and sometimes I'm just home and I don't really have that much to do, because honestly, I don't want to vacuum. Sometimes it is a little too late to vacuum, you know, after like 9 p.m.

I'm very mentally exhausted. The heat at work isn't helping much. It was over 90 in the store today. *sigh* My make units are working harder to keep the temps down and one of them is about to break down completely. They are working on getting one from out of storage for us.

If we wind up making money in June it will be a freaking miracle. At least it got kind of busy tonight.

I'm rambling. Maybe a real post tomorrow.

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