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Getting quite a bit accomplished so far today. No call from the agency yet, about to call them when I'm done writing here, unless I get distracted with another game of spider solitaire. I just completed my renewal FAFSA, which is good, answered a couple of questions for schooltime discussions and am about to start working a bit on my team project. Should be good times, no? I need to write up a bit of a memo for another team project, jeez, two in one week!

Probably going to a flea market tomorrow, sounds like good times and I received my cell phone bill, which says that I received a text message, but I have no recollection of such things. It is a two cent charge. So, do I call and find out why I have an extra two cent charge or do I let sleeping dogs lie, let them have the two cents and see if it pops up again next month? I'm leaning towards let sleeping dogs lie. I also received my check from the CD class action lawsuit. Guess how much???

You got it, $13.86. WOO!! I'm a millionaire now. I had forgot I had even signed up for that thing. So, calling snelling and then I'm off to the bank to deposit my big time money.

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