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Pizza is Serious Business

Actually, not so much the pizza as the credit card involved with the pizza.

A lady ordered yesterday (Wednesday) for delivery. Pays with credit card. Finds a coupon. Card is voided and run again for new total. Calls back two minutes later and decides to pick it up instead. Have to run the card again because the delivery fee has been removed. She picks it up and for whatever reason the order will not close. T calls me to find out how to force the transaction through. Guess what? Voided it once more. Finally get it to close, everything is good.

She calls later in the evening and gets C, the driver, and explains the problem. He tells her that they are just pending authorizations and they will fall off in 3-4 days. She demands to speak with a manager. I'm not there, it's Wednesday, it's my day off, so she gets Twin, and twin explains the same thing to her. She gives her corporate's number, because this explanation is not enough for her.

She leaves a nasty message on the voicemail there and was also pretty mean to Twin. I get a call from D this morning regarding the issue. I tell her what my understanding of it was, as I wasn't there at the time, so I have only T's word for what happened. I explain to her what my understanding of it was, and I mixed up a detail that the coupon came after the pickup.

"That's not how it looks from here. The coupon was applied AND THEN the pickup."
"Oh, yeah, sorry, got the two mixed up. But she kept changing the order and that's what happens with this system."

You see, D was getting snarky with me. Sorry, no. I wasn't there. I didn't talk to the woman because it was my fucking day off. I had to handle part of the problem at the time of the occurrence and THEN deal with it again when Twin called me later in the evening. Pardon the fuck out of me if I mixed up one damn detail.

Anyways, I guess D gave her my full name. I *hate* that she did that. I also am not very excited that I have my full name on my name tag. I just don't think people need to know that information about me. There are some crazy mofos out there is all I'm saying. She called this evening around 4:30.

We spoke on the phone for 20 minutes. Rather, she talked at me for 20 minutes with various interjections from me, mostly repeating myself over and over and over again.

I told her, "Those are pending authorizations. They are not charges to your account. They will drop off in 2-4 business days depending on the bank you use. My solution for you is this: I have all of your void slips here. Take them to your bank and have them remove the holds. Most banks can do this before they are slated to be removed. If any fees have been incurred because of this, they should remove those as well, mostly as a courtesy since THEY are holding the funds. We are not holding the funds. How long the funds are held is up to the individual bank that your card is drawn on."

And she went on and on and on saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over again. Then she pulled this card, "I'll just have to avoid you guys for a while."

"I'm sorry you feel that way. Unfortunately, this is that 1% of the time where things didn't go smoothly. I'm sorry that this happened. It sucks. I've been in this position before, with my personal account, and it's not fun. But, the bank will be able to remove the authorization holds and remove any fees, if any, that resulted because of these holds. I can give you some gift certificates should you ever feel the desire to patronize us again and that way you won't have to use your card."

That was a little jab at her, I admit it. I'm sorry that you are a flipping idiot, I can't help you out there.

She sighs, and then says that it's ridiculous that T didn't know how to use the computer, etc. I told her that I would have done the exact same thing, the computer is the issue, not the user. This is how the system works, I'm sorry that this is what they've given us. It sucks. Sorry.

She's going to be coming in (Friday) tomorrow to get the slips from me. Around noon. Great. Right in the middle of lunch. AWESOME.

I have a feeling she's going to want to go over this ONCE AGAIN in person. *sigh* I can only hope that a) we aren't so busy that I can't give her more than 2 minutes of my time or b) she doesn't pull this shit again.

I also need to hide T from her. If she comes in, I'm going to instruct him to go to the back of the store and work on prep and we'll bring R up to help us make orders if necessary, or at the very least, just stay on the line, try to stay out of sight so I can get her the fuck out of the store.

Seriously. Learn how your fucking credit card/debit card works. It's not rocket science.

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