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It's almost a coup, minus the blood and overthrowing.

I guess we redeem ourselves with the garlic smell.

Meeting today, as it is every Tuesday, and I hardly got any sleep. My brain would not stop coming up with snappy one-liners to say to Uncle Mike. I couldn't make it stop! They weren't even that good, either.

Anyways, got to the meeting and Adam said his goodbyes. Yes, he quit. As did the Cortaro manager. She quit yesterday, but I think she has a new job already. I *could* call her and find out, but that's too much work, honestly. I told Adam about the party on 8/29 (btw, party on 8/29) to celebrate the end of our oppression.

Then the meeting started. If you can call it that. Lori made some nonsensical remark about how she was surprised that Adam quit. I snorted, but covered it up by taking a drink of my Dr. Pepper. I just couldn't help myself. Really? You're surprised he quit? You've treated him like shit for the past YEAR. I'm surprised he lasted this long.

Then Uncle Mike asks me if I have put in my notice, I nod and say, "Yes. The 15th is my last day." What I fail to mention is that I will be working as little as possible over the next two weeks. As it is, I clocked in around 10:15 this morning and then actually came into work at 3. Ohhhh yeah.

Then more bullshit about upselling. Ricky was sitting there looking like a loser from an Ashton Kucher lookalike contest. Although, if you are trying to win that contest, it kind of makes you a loser anyways.

Finally, they mention health insurance is being canceled at the end of August. No mention of setting up COBRA for anyone interested. Hmmm. I told A, one of the other managers, to ask about COBRA and ERISA to at least carry him through until he can find other coverage, or his wife can get it from her job. They have a baby, so, you know, it would be nice if the BABY at least had some coverage.

They moved D, the financial lady, to an hourly wage, no overtime. I don't think he knows how much work she did from home after she left the office. Seriously. She was always reachable and always knew where to go for something. THEN we find out (the meeting is over at this point) that Uncle Mike is having G train Lori to do her job and then they are going to fire G. Of course, they haven't told G that she is training her replacement. THANKFULLY, D told her. It's only the right thing to do, she's been working with her for the past at least six years now.

I can't wait to be out of this company. 8 more working days. Only 8 more days. When I did the schedule for next week, I gave myself my normal Wednesday off, and made sure I had the store completely staffed up as if I wouldn't be there. The only day that I didn't do that was Monday day shift (paperwork and a break from my mother) and Saturday night. My family should be going to Tombstone that night, so I can come to work, fuck around, and then, close, do the payroll and then...GET DRUNK IN CELEBRATION!!! WOOOO!!!

Then drive to the Grand Canyon the next day with the family. Should be interesting.

When I got to the office to drop off paperwork and what not, Uncle Mike asks me if there is anyone at the store who could possibly take my job. I tell him, that no, either they have school, limited availability or don't really know enough yet to do it. Sorry, gonna have to find someone else.

"But, you can train them, right?"
"Sure. You have about a week. My last day is the 15th."

Here's the awesomest part ever, I'm the only one in this store who knows the pars (what you build your inventory up to so you have enough based on your sales), knows about how busy the store will be on any given day, knows the availability of each and every employee, and knows about 30% of the customers by name. Good luck replacing that right now. It's gonna be a bumpy road. Which is why I've advised my staff to start looking for new jobs, because I don't know what they are going to do with this store once they realize that it isn't running all too well.

In other news, I needed to get a new battery. Took me about 2.5 hours this afternoon, I swear. First store didn't have it, had to go to the one on the other side of town, near the south end. Ugh. And so hot today. SO HOT.

Ok, I have to make a pizza now. :)

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