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Ok, posting from work doesn't work for whatever reason. I guess that I should be, you know, working, instead of trying to post on LJ. Hurhurhur.

I picked my mom up from the airport last night. Today we had some breakfast and tackled the laundry apocalypse that was threatening the safety and security of the nation, we have it down to a small, Latin American coup at the moment.

Moved some stuff around the house. Had some dinner at El Charro (I had a $20 gift certificate that I got for pizza trade so freaking long ago), it's still talking to me, but it was pretty tasty. I've had better, though. Went to Bookman's. They only took 4 of my DVDs and gave me $15 in trade for them. Of course, I promptly spent it on books. I'm gonna have some reading time soon. :)

She isn't driving me as nuts as I thought she was going to, that's a good thing. We're going to IKEA tomorrow with parilous YAY IKEA!!! I told my mom to make sure that I do NOT buy anymore tealights. I have more than I can use right now.

I typed up all the DVDs that I have (that I've found, so far) in my house. I have 164. Wow. That's a lot. That's not counting what I'm trying to get rid of to Bookman's or what I have out on loan to people. Holy crap. I should probably slow down on the DVD buying for a while, no?

The new supervisor that Uncle Mike hired is very sweaty. He was supposed to come back to work last night, but didn't bother to call any of us at the store to let us know that he wouldn't be coming in. Then proceeded to not call until about an hour after he was supposed to be at work TODAY because of a broken pipe or some such at his apartment. He called Uncle Mike and/or Lori instead. Uh, dude, you call your job and let them know, not the asshats that have nothing to do with day to day operations of the stores. kthxbye. christ on a crutch. Anyways, I'm putting off as much of his training on other people as possible. He was not my hire and he is NOT my replacement (I don't think he could handle it, honestly) so that really wasn't part of the deal. I'm putting a lot of his training off on the other two supervisors right now. As much as I can, like closing. I'm also doing it because he seems to have no concept of personal space. I do not need sweaty dudes on me at work. I don't work at a strip club, so there is no reason for it. thankyouverymuch.

I got my mom some Eegee's tonight. mmmmmmm she likes it, too.

Ok. I'm gonna go watch a movie and pass out in my bed. Yay!


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