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Vacation, all I ever wanted...I think

Ah, vacation.

For those of you who don't know me THAT well, you know, just on the internets or I've hidden it from you: I am very tightly wound.

No, no...it's true!! I swear!

I don't mean that I'm going to snap and just start shooting people. I don't really like guns all that much, so that probably wouldn't happen. :)

I just don't like to leave things really hanging in the wind if I know that everyone has things that they want to see and do, I want to come up with some sort of a plan so that we can get everything seen and done, and maybe, just maybe, have some time for relaxation.

The problem, however, is when you are driving in two cars and one person has some idea of how long things will take and then doesn't bother to let anyone else in on the itinerary and then you are trying to make sure that the hotel rooms aren't crap and have a refrigerator so that you can make sure that your insulin doesn't go bad (my aunt and father are both diabetics) which then leads to "Do you guys need to eat right now? What can you have? Is this okay? How about that? What do you want to eat? Can you handle the walking?" That last one is for my mom who has had two back surgeries, contracted MRSA from one of them and also had multiple knee problems. She walks with a cane.

Lots of things thrown in the mix to make it a vacation of, "Are you sure you are comfortable?"

I had some idea of what they wanted to do, see a few vortices in Sedona (did you know you could pay about $70 for a tour of them? fun, huh?), then take some pictures of some red rocks and then head up to Flagstaff and then run to the Grand Canyon and look at the Grand Canyon and then head back to the hotel and sleep and then leave. Yep, we did it all in two days. I am EXHAUSTED. Seriously. I drove for about half of the vacation, my dad did the other half of driving. My mom decided to give him a break of having to ride with my aunt and uncle and ride with me for a while. We mostly just chatted about silly things and made the slingshot monkey scream every now and again, mostly going around the switchback roads headed up to Flagstaff and the GC.

I had a great time hanging out with my dad. He is a true wackadoo, like myself, and we just rocked out to White Zombie, Led Zeppelin and Cheech and Chong. Laughed about the vacation and how we had to fit all kinds of stuff into it, etc. He was very excited to be on Route 66, though. I thought it was pretty cool, too. I don't know why this particular road is so OMGAWESOME, but it is. I got a fancy coffee mug before we left Flagstaff.

The GC is definitely a huge hole in the ground. But it is a VERY huge hole. I guess that's why they call it grand, huh huh huh *elbownudge*.

We wound up not seeing a vortex, didn't get sucked into any blackholes or wormholes or whatever, but we did manage to eat at a tourist trap restaurant with a snarky waiter that I don't know if he was being snarky on purpose or just didn't realize it. So, we left there, got some ice cream, which said it was gourmet. It was from Shamrock. I thought they made it there or something. At least it wasn't Breyer's or something.

Ok, here are some pictures. I put them behind the cut.

Weird fish that kept staring at my dad during breakfast

Some rocks at the Chapel in the rock or whatever it's called, where there is a huge cross and stuff. Neat rocks.


Sign for the Hotel Monte Vista, we didn't stay there, by the way.

Here is where they keep all that extra peace, who knew it was holed up in Flagstaff this entire time.


The Grand Canyon is on fire.


More sunset pix.

So there you go. Not the worst vacation ever, but damn, it sure did take it out of me. Now, I just have that small task at hand: finding a job.

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