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Writer's Block: Worrisome  
02:28pm 03/09/2009
What is your biggest worry right now?

Finding a job. Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.
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12:22am 04/09/2009 (UTC)
Skye: monster in the nite
dude i feel u...bf moved in from nc and can't buy a job...yea he has some stuff on his record...nothign to bad.....everyone wants perfect peeps and h.s kids.....gas staitons, clothing stores, hospitals everwhere he has applied to...not like a fulltime job like they tell u to do at the unemployment office...but he has... i'm about to send him to school while i work and we live off of his extra monies from loans cause he claims one of my kids...i was trying to finish massage school...idk what the fuck it is bad out there
picword: monster in the nite
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