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(no subject)  
05:40am 09/09/2009
I went to two interviews yesterday. One was a scheduled interview for 9:15 a.m. That's usually when I rolled into work about 10 minutes away. However, as this interview was at the Foothills mall, I had a little longer of a trek. I didn't stop for coffee because the line was a little long and I wanted to make sure that I made it on time.

I was a few minutes early. That's a good thing. The thing that irritated me was that they made me wait about 20 minutes. They either double scheduled OR the guy who was interviewing before me was late as well as one of the interviewers. *sigh* To make it even better was a sign that said, "If you are late, do not bother to reschedule, we won't do it." Nice.

So, I interviewed and answered questions like, "Do you think the customer is always right?"

uhhhh...hell no. They are quite wrong a lot of the time. But, you know, I need a job, so I said, "99% of the time. That 1% is from my own personal experience where I thought I said one thing, but obviously I said something else. But, I always try to make it better for the customer."

The other was whether or not I minded cleaning. Cleaning is part of sidework, it's the nature of the business. Apparently, they have had candidates say, "Yes. I don't want to clean." The lady explained some of the cleaning that they were discussing and it seemed a bit excessive, but hey, whatever, it's your restaurant. I just don't think you need to clean the salt shakers like 3 times a day. But that's just me.

Headed back home for a little while and then headed to McMahon's Steakhouse to apply for the new Nimbus that is opening in about two weeks. I got there before 2 and decided to go ahead and go in about five minutes early. Holy crap. They ran out of applications by 2:20. I didn't get into an interview until about 2:45. There were at least 100 people waiting around. They are doing it today and tomorrow as well. I really hope I get this one, I think it might be a pretty good gig for a while. Depending on how they are going to set up sections, anyways.

There was a questionnaire on that app. Describe a reduction, buerre blanc and caeser dressing. Uhhh...ok. I think I did alright on that one, thanks to my assisting Dr. Awesome with his homework.

Name 3 red wines and 3 white, describe differences. I don't like white wine, so I don't know much about it. Name all the Nimbus beers. *sigh* I've never HAD a Nimbus beer because I could never find the place.

What is the proper way to pour a bottle of beer into a glass? Name and describe the different TYPES of tequila. Stand on your head and count to 30. Ok, I made that last one up. My favorite question was what my favorite beer was. I put down Kiltlifter. Mmmmmmm.

I think the interview went pretty well. I should find out about the two of them by the end of the week. Keep your fingers crossed.

The even better thing about yesterday was that I felt tired around 8 p.m., so I went to bed. Yay! The bad thing, I woke up at 2:00 a.m. I tried to get back to bed, but to no avail. So, I finally got up around 4 a.m. and started making some macaroni and cheese in the crockpot. Need to get some laundry done, maybe tackle the hall closet and head to the post office.

The macaroni is starting to smell delicious. That is the best part of crockpot cooking, all of the smells, none of the heat. :)

Have a good day everyone. Don't let the man get you down!
mood: productiveproductive
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(no subject)
11:00pm 09/09/2009 (UTC)
>Describe a reduction

I can do that one.

> buerre blanc

No idea. Had to look it up. I figured it was "white" something, but it could've been wine for all I know.

> caeser dressing

I only know this because of Chris. Created in Tijuana. Contains raw egg, if the dressing is fresh.

> Name 3 red wines

Uh... merlot, beaujelais, chianti.
Beaujelais is light and fruity, melot is dry and tends to be oaky, and chianti is in between the two?

> and 3 white

Ugh... sauvignon blanc, pinot gregio, and...?
I have no idea how to describe them. I think sauvignon is dry while the pinot is fruity. Gah. I can't think of any other adjectives for wine!

> Name all the Nimbus beers.

No freakin' clue. I've had a stout of theirs, but I don't know what it's called. There's a freaky monkey head on them, though.

> What is the proper way to pour a bottle of beer into a glass?

I imagine this is all about the tilting to avoid the full head and to minimize loss of carbonation. I'll bet they say nothing about putting clamato juice (I've seen people do this to Bud Lite) or sprinkling salt on the head (Chris does this to Miller Lite). I also supposed they would deduct points for saying "Pour? Why pour? Drink it out of the bottle!"

> Name and describe the different TYPES of tequila.

Anejo, reposado. Uh. Blanco? Mescal? Agave? I haven't a CLUE!
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(no subject)
10:21pm 10/09/2009 (UTC)
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