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There is a new paint on the market. On one hand, I think this could be a good idea, you know, for those of us who are a little lax on the litter box cleaning. Dutch Boy Refresh, it's made with Arm and Hammer "technology". I didn't know that baking soda was going so high tech.

So, here is this paint, in vibrant, delicious, premium colors and it can make the house not so smelly. Hmmm, I says to myself. Am I going to run right out and repaint my house? Probably not, because, honestly, I'd rather just try to keep up with the box instead of REPAINTING MY FREAKING HOUSE.

Now, I don't live in a large home, but the 10 people who helped me paint can attest that it was a bit of a large project. Was it really 10 people? Well, not more than 10, but still, it was a big freaking job. That "Velvety Merlot" wall was a project and a half. Stupid 2nd coats.

Then again, if I was moving into a new house...maybe it would be something I would look into. I am not, however, familiar with Dutch Boy as a brand. I don't know what kind of coverage it gives, how many coats are really necessary. My experience is limited to Behr and Frazee. I prefer Frazee. I wonder if Frazee can team up with a "lesser" baking soda technology and give us odor killing house paints.

I wonder if the paint smells like baking soda. These are things that I could be interested in finding out. I wonder if I could talk the Daily Star into doing a series on random crap. I'd be happy to write it for them. A nominal fee would apply, of course.

I'd rather have the free house painting, though. :)

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