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(no subject)  
02:32pm 21/09/2009
I called Remedy today to check on the status of my app on a data entry temp assignment. Apparently, I was supposed to get a link from some email to send me to their website to APPLY AGAIN.


So, I did that this morning. I'll call tomorrow to see what's up and set up an appointment.

I called the broker for the coffee shop, she said this, "There are no banks lending for this restaurant. It's as simple as that, you'll need to find some other way to get $40K."


I'm still going to meet with SCORE on Thursday to chat with them and see if there are some options I can look into. I have really bad credit right now (thank you credit cards) but I'm trying to get back on track with getting it better. I can't refi the condo, and even if I could, I don't really want to put it up as a collateral, you know?

So, we have to see what else I can do.

My computer was being a bit wonky yesterday, but seems to have worked it out.

Tonight is new Heroes. I'm very excited.

I would really like a job again, so I can stop trying to figure out how to amuse myself.

I checked out Associated Content again (I've been a member there for a few years, but have only produced one article and one picture for them) and think maybe writing a few articles will be a good way to occupy my time.

So, I call out to you, good people of LJ, anything you'd like to see me write about? Give me some ideas so I can write and submit to the good people of AC.

Ok, I think I'm going to watch Don Giovanni right now. Or maybe the King and I. Or maybe do a little reading. We'll see. :)
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(no subject)
01:44am 22/09/2009 (UTC)
I know APAC customer service in Cedar Rapids IA is hiring. ^^; 's about $10/hr call center work. Temp-to-perm. Your desperation may vary.
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(no subject)
02:25am 22/09/2009 (UTC)
I was going to write an op-ed article about DNA evidence and how it's basically been accepted as valid, despite never having to prove itself under the Frye standard. [link to history here]

And then I was going to write about how scientists recently falsified DNA for a crime scene. [source]

And then I was going to write about the recent acquittals in Texas thanks to DNA evidence and the Innocence Project ... they're paying those exonerated $80K a year for each year they were falsely imprisoned. [source]

... but this kind of shit only interests me and frankly, I'm not sure what insight I've have in it all. Maybe as a cautionary tale about putting too much faith in a forensic method that lacks scientific rigor and whose lab techs tend to work for the police and not for the defense.
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