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Had an interview today for a call center. I was under the impression that Verizon had actually opened a call center here. I don't know why I thought this, but I did. Nope, some company called APAC. As I drove up, I had flashbacks* from my time at the pants job and at the furniture "warranty" place.

I was about 10 minutes early and walked into light chaos. I was directed towards a computer where I filled out YET ANOTHER application and took a typing test. Their typing requirements were for 20 wpm with 80% accuracy. Wow, talk about some low standards.** Finish all that and the lady at the desk is all "Not even in my dreams could I type that fast. (78 wpm/99% accuracy)" *chuckle chuckle har de dar* Really? That's not even that fast! Then again, rushomancy probably thinks that is super slow :) :) :)

I proceed to sign and date various pieces of paper (background check, drug test, I agree that this is the truth so help me god) and answer some work history and other questions, the lady was really hung up on the overlap on pizza job and other jobs. I explain that I worked that job part time for a while then moved into management, she could NOT wrap her head around this and then I sit and wait. About 15 minutes later, I'm put into a room with a few other people and start to take the behavioral test and mock call test.

I hate behavioral tests. Especially when they ask the "if you saw someone doing it wrong" question. They don't have a response that says, "I would send them an email with a lolcat picture of them doin' it wrong." :)

The mock call test was a little bit of torture. It is possibly against the Geneva Convention the way this thing is done. It's like being "trained" by the Sims. The SimLady kept calling the SimMan "Man-you-el" and when he started to speak he actually said it properly, "Mahn-well". *sigh* So, I have to let them read me the text that is on the screen. It was kind of like being taught by the Sims and a Power Point presentation. Finally get into the "calls" and get those done. Finish, go back to the other room, wait through some of the more chaos that is going on. The managers were all in a meeting and people needed signatures to hire people and to work the printer (which did not stop printing the entire time I was there. I think that printer is happy when they go home, it gets to sleep for a while) and blah blah blah. The guy that is helping the other lady says, "Ok, you passed the test. Let's get you an interview, go ahead and sit out in the hall." I was slightly amused, then a little sad, when he told me I passed the test because he had a little bit of surprise in his voice. Maybe I finished it too quickly?

I waited about another 20 or so minutes, told two or three people that I was waiting for an interview, listened to some girl next to me talk to various people named "Boo" about her pest control issues, how badly she wanted to go to some haunted house thing this weekend and how cute some guy named Mitch looked in his uniform on his way to work this morning. All the while I was texting Bobbie and April and playing Scrabble waiting to be led to some secret room where the interview was to take place.

Get into the interview (finally) and the girl says, "Oh, you were a manager. I think we have some team lead/supervisor positions available. Did you know that?"
"Nope, I was sent here by the temp agency for the CSR position."
"Would you be interested?"
"Sure. Why not?"

We proceed through the interview and she was so happy with my answer to one of her questions. "Describe a job where you had a specific/specialized routine that you followed every day."
So I told her about the warehouse and the clock in, everyone on break at the same time, etc.
"You are the first person who has fully understood that question. Everyone else had been giving me a play by play of their morning routine. 'I get to work, I turn on my computer, I make a cup of coffee, I log into my computer...' That is great that you got it."

Maybe they should use that as a weed out question. :)

Finish the interview and go wait some more. I arrived at 12:50 p.m. and I left at 3:45 p.m. seriously.

I was offered the CSR job. I told the lady that was great and asked her if she wanted me to fill in a schedule now (which is what she was leading me and one other girl towards) or should I wait because I have an interview tomorrow. She said to let them know if i was going to take the other job or come see them. Then she mentioned the supervisor position. I said, please forward my resume for that and I will call tomorrow or Friday to let you know about the job.

So, I have a at least one job waiting for me. That's exciting. I need to see what the hours are for the data entry job, maybe I can finagle a part time at one of them and full at the other and just work the two for now. The data entry is only for 8-9 months anyways, but hey, no phones and pays more, I'll take that one over the call center any day!

At least I got that, right?

*I like how 'flashbacks' usually implies a negative and 'memory' implies a positive.

**I'm interviewing (probably doing another application, etc) for a data entry job tomorrow which has lowered their standards from 35 wpm with 98% accuracy to 30 wpm/98% accuracy. Really?

***I feel kind of elitist with this post, like call center work is beneath me, because, honestly no work is really beneath me. Yes, I have preferences as to what I will apply for and have certain things that I can't/won't do (like home health care, I can't handle bodily fluids, I prefer not vomiting all day), but they aren't beneath me. Or working at Circle K, I don't know how I would handle a robbery. Probably would wet myself OR get really pissed off and tackle the guy and beat his head into the floor and then there would be blood, I would vomit and feel bad about beating his head into the floor. :)

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