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05:40pm 16/10/2009
I love when I screw myself over.

Because I didn't accept the call center job on Wednesday, I can't start until the 26th, training is going to be from 6a-2:30p AND I don't get Thursday/Friday off, I had to go with Weds/Thurs. *sigh*

On the bright side, it gives me a week to keep looking for a new and better job and I can still have that daytime availability to go to interviews. I put in resumes/cover letters for two fairly interesting jobs, one with the Westward Look resort (oooooo maybe I can get discounts!) that pay close to what I was making before. Fingers crossed.

Of course, the landscapers showed up this morning. At 6:30 they started sawing, blowing, raking and chatting. However, I was told it was only on Thursdays...NOT FRIDAYS!! :) Then the phone rang, and it was the guy from the data entry temp company, I declined the offer, he sounded kind of pissed off. Sorry dude, but they fucking drug their feet, if they had made a call to you two weeks ago to set shit up (or maybe you had called THEM) then this wouldn't be an issue now would it?

I'm calling call center temp agency on Monday to see if C is there so I can chat with her about the other job that was up and see if maybe she can talk them into SOMETHING. I *really* don't want to work the call center (or data entry for that matter). Fingers crossed again. Of course, you know, it looks poorly on the temp agency I guess for sending over someone who is "flaky". :)

I got to see a medium format camera today, I've never even heard of one. It was shiny and made me wish I was in photography classes or something. Or had a job with the U so I could take photography classes for cheap (plus materials).

Ok, going to read a bit. I'm kind of burnt out for today on the searching for jobs. And next week I get to go apply at the mall for various jobs in retail hell for the holiday season. Oh joy and bliss!
mood: sweatysweaty
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