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Watched Ghostbusters.

I forgot how amazingly cheesy and awesome that movie is. :) Ah Gozer and Zuhl. Gate keepers and Key masters. :) :) :)

I'm still applying for multiple jobs, looking here there and everywhere. Hopefully, I get some call backs on the more interesting ones, or the ones that pay more at least :)

I had to turn the a/c back on tonight, it was a little too warm for sleeping. Hopefully, it's just the one night.

Oh! Pizza drama! Two months later!

Lady calls the store and R takes the call. Lady says that the manager, Lisa or something, and R says my name, yeah, that's it! About a month ago, her order was super screwed up, so I said we'd replace her order for free. Uhhh, I've been gone for over two months now. Yeah, that's it, two months ago. Oh, but I didn't take her number. Sorry, wrong. I *always* take phone numbers, because that's how you put things in the system. R tries multiple numbers, multiple spellings of the name, NOTHING. So she calls me.

Sorry, doesn't ring a bell, and honestly, we fucked up orders, but not as bad as this lady was saying. At least, they didn't get fucked up that bad on MY shifts. So, R says, sorry can't help you.

Lady wants corporate's number and says that R is being disrespectful. R says, sorry you think i'm being disrespectful. Ahhh, the nonapology, sometimes it's the best thing ever. I told R, you are only being disrespectful because you aren't doing what she wants you to do.

If I remember correctly, she even told the lady she would call me to see if I remembered. And I didn't, because it never happened. I remember those things, it's a curse!

I miss my store. I really do. I miss my crew, the silliness of them, the ragtag feel it had. If I do ever open a coffee shop here, I have a nice group of people that I can ask to be employees. They are my first pick :)

I talked to my dad the other day about some of his financial goals, etc. Thankfully, he has a traditional IRA, but it's worth practically nothing which is bad. He does have life insurance, but it's term life, I told him to get the quotes on the whole life so he doesn't have to keep figuring it out every few years. Because, the money in his IRA will barely cover funeral expenses. His sister, G, is looking into shortselling the house, but it is worth more than they owe on it, so I don't know if that is a great idea, plus, if they shortsell, I don't think they get any money out of it, so they won't have anything to get a new place with. And, of course, he has no idea where they will go. *sigh* Sometimes, I wish I could go back home to help them figure shit out, but I like my life here (even with this crazy shit going on) and probably wouldn't mind if they moved out here. It would be kind of nice to have family around me again. I sometimes miss the holiday gatherings, but I don't really like to go to other people's family dinners on holidays because I don't like witnessing the uncomfortable silences when someone says something about someone else's "secret" or "issue". It's like being too close to a reality show or something. No thanks. However, within my own family, that's just a typical family gathering, so it's fine. :)

Ok, need to try and get some sleep. Have to be sharp for Scrabble. I shall triumph over all!

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