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01:36pm 20/10/2009
Wow, sold 2 more things already on half.com. No books sold. Hmmm...then again, I only have my John Douglas type books up for sale, I guess not that many people are into the whole profiling thing, and if they are, they probably already have their own copies.

I saw a great job for LexisNexis, but you have to take an unpaid training course for a week and then you can start doing the job. If I had found this job a month ago, it would not have been a problem. *sigh* Oh well, too bad, so sad. It was like $4k a year for a couple of months work, so not HUGE earnings, but interesting earnings.

Need to go to the dollar store and see if they have shipping envelopes for me to mail out this stuff. I spent $1.39 at the post office yesterday on a bubble mailer. I'm only refunded $2.99 for the shipping costs, so my final total was $3.77. I lost on this deal. Oh well. Live and learn.

Ok, going to get to the dollar store and then to the library (have to print out packing slips) and then the post office. And then, tackle the kitchen and bathroom. Need to have the house cleaned by next week. Before I start my new shitty job.
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