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(no subject)  
12:49pm 21/10/2009
I signed up for essaywriters.net thinking, well, I don't know what i was thinking.

Apparently, you can pay someone to write your paper for you. I know that this has gone on since people started having to write papers, but there is a whole industry for it. I didn't take any of the assignments mainly because, really? $3/page to tell you about the cottage industry of Southern Asia as it coincides with the Weimar Republic. Nope, too much research. Put down the beer and pick up a book.

About 90% of what I saw on that page was undergrad level work, the rest was Master's level. *shakes head* Kid, you are in grad school, do it yourself or GTFO.

Needless to say, I won't be working for that company.

I'm still waiting for 2 bids to be accepted on elance (not for writing someone's anthro 101 paper), but they have 6 days and 10 days before they close. Let's hope I get them.

I had asked my dad for some money to get me through next month. I don't know if he misheard me or is being a bit of a dick (hey, sorry man, I needed cash, I fucked up, I don't ask for much, if anything, ever, but that's cool) and sent me about 1/4 of what I asked for. I'll figure something out, I can make things work, I just have to shuffle the money around a little bit (partial payments and what not) to get it back on track by December. Especially if I can get some of these freelance gigs, that will help tremendously.

I think I may have lost another pound or two. It is amazing what not drinking beer and eating nachos can do for your figure! :)

With the exception of having to be at work next week at 6 a.m. EVERY DAY, I'm welcoming the getting out of my house for a specific purpose and earning money again part of it. And, I think it will refuel my desire to find a job, without the crushing blows of rejection that it could possibly bring if I was still unemployed instead of now being underemployed.

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(no subject)
01:35am 22/10/2009 (UTC)
Why We Cite: Herbivorous Marsupial
That's a wicked early time to be going to work. Does that mean you'll turn into a morning person and start beating me to brunch?
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(no subject)
01:53am 22/10/2009 (UTC)
Doubtful. Once the five weeks is up, I start on the night schedule. So, right now I'm M-F no weekends. So, you guys have me for brunch for a little while longer, but I doubt anyone could get there earlier than you :)
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