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I've applied to about five postings online today. Seriously, there is stuff coming out the wazoo that either sounds interesting or pays a decent wage. Well, some of them didn't say and some of them weren't what I was making before, but that's ok, because that's why PT jobs were invented :) Although, in one of the cover letters I pointed out their spelling error in the job title as a way of showcasing my attention to detail. I'm so freaking obnoxious.

Hopefully something comes out of these because I will jump ship as soon as I freaking can.

Have about 8 more days before I find out if I get that freelance job I signed up for. If I get it, that's a mortgage payment. *crosses fingers* And the best part is, I can work on it at the bar and enlist the help of others to do the job (it's coming up with descriptors for 1000 pictures. They need 50 words each).

I haven't been to the bar in like a week. Crazy. I'll probably go and drink water on Sunday. I may have also convinced R to ask her dad to make enchiladas on Sunday so I can have dinner over there. I have been craving enchiladas for DAYS now.

I went to the Value Market, which is the tiny grocery store run by the Community Food Bank. Not a huge selection, but stuff is really cheap. I got a green pepper for $.49 and a package of chicken thighs for $2.50. I'll be making chicken chili and spaghetti sauce over the next two days. Very exciting. They have an emergency food box program, anyone is eligible, the only downside is that you have to be there before 3 p.m. Tues-Thursday to get it. And it doesn't start until November 1st. I'll be working until 2:30 and I can't get there in less than a half hour from where the job is. Oh well. I don't really NEED an emergency box of food, but when I start getting like this, I start squirreling it away. Evs.

Still, I spent $8 and got enough stuff to make the sauce and I have the rest of the stuff here to make the chili (just needed the chicken). And some pop tarts. I <3 pop tarts. :) So, for little things, I'll go there and grab them since they are pretty cheap and every penny counts.

R made a funny observation, given that I am trying to get various jobs to work simultaneously OR find one that pays well, I won't have time to spend money if I do the former because I'll either be working or sleeping. True that.

I'm debating a move to CO for a possible opportunity there for a year. No decisions will ultimately be made until December, but I, at the very least, need to get this place ready for possible renting. That means getting the flooring taken care of. Need to get an estimate on how much it would be to hardwood floor the place.

Anyways, that's a long and rambling entry. Sorry it's so boring lately, I have no more pizza drama with which to entertain you. I'm sure I'll get some interesting stories from my coworkers once I start training next week.

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