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I'm back in elementary school  
07:33pm 27/10/2009
The past two days I have:
1) drawn and colored two posters that were hung in the classroom
2) performed a skit about attrition
3) been read to/made to read aloud in class

I have not, however, gotten the following:
1) juice boxes
2) nap time

I did get some candy, though.

Yes kiddies, this is my training at the call center. *sigh*

I had two interviews today, though. 2nd interview for one is Thursday and hopefully 2nd interview for the other is this week, also. Playing phone tag with a 3rd.

Now that I'm working (temporarily), I get all the freaking interview requests (and possible job offers).

mood: sleepysleepy
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05:13am 28/10/2009 (UTC)
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No nap time? Sheesh. Who doesn't get a nap after coloring?
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