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(no subject)  
07:11pm 01/11/2009
I managed to beat Matt at Scrabble today. Only once. Actually, it was the only game I won! My skills were not good today.

Made some chicken chili tonight, little variation on my last batch. Seems to taste okay, though. If I had the time, and butter, I would make some cornbread to go with it. Maybe later in the week. :)

The Box looks interesting, but I think it will have to wait for the cheap theater.

Ok, going to go portion out the chili and get ready for bed. Back to being a little kid again :)
mood: smelling the crockpotsmelling the crockpot
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(no subject)
04:36am 02/11/2009 (UTC)
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This is a great recipe for turkey chili. I substitute half a zucchini for the onion and leave out the allspice. Check it out! http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Lauras-Quick-Slow-Cooker-Turkey-Chili/Detail.aspx
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