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I got marked today. As the teacher's pet. *sigh*

I'm one of the few who shows, you know, maturity and responsibility and competence. There are others, but not many.

Our trainer is gone after Tuesday, we get a new guy. Hopefully he has a little more control over the dipshits. I think there is going to be more seat moving on Monday. Two of the girls I sit next to are being a little catty towards the trainer. *sigh*

I am looking forward to the weekend, though. Maybe I can get a little cleaning done, some errands run, sell some jewelry (honestly, I don't wear it, might as well do something useful with it), mail some stuff from half.com, get my stuff from the library and decide whether or not I want to write some articles for extra cash (they are really weird subjects which are going to take a little more research than I would have expected to do normally).

I applied at Famous Sams by the call center. Maybe I can get a pt job there.

Law and Order is kind of boring right now.

I should also stop eating so much candy.

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