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I'm thinking I didn't do so well in the Bookmans interview. I did get a call today from the hospital job, though. The issue with this job is that the pay is about $.50-$1 more per hour BUT I have to drive really far away. I'm going to call the lady back tomorrow, but I'm thinking this job isn't going to be my best prospect.

Hopefully I'll hear from Wendy's this week. I won't hear from Bookmans until next week. *sigh*

We are officially done with training, this week, honestly, is screwing around week. Role playing, review, blah blah blah. We've finished all the training material, however, so why they don't just throw us on the floor is beyond me, but hey, whatever, I get to screw around and get paid for it. I'll take advantage while I can.

Got a few articles written, signed up for a few more and I'm working on one for a different site that is not one of their "suggested" titles. I'm hoping to get a couple of bucks for that one.

I discovered some chew marks on my pair of ankle boots. Thanks Loretta. Oh, and it was picture day today. And we got our headsets, too. They make you pay for new ear and mic cushions if you need them. Yes, you have to pay for those. Unbelievable.

Ok, going to try and do some more writing while I have a working internet connection. Then maybe watch an episode of the wire before I get sucked into the biggest loser tonight. woo!

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