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Tomorrow is "graduation". We are having a pot luck. I made potato salad. I made the BEST potato salad EVAR. Just wanted you to know that.

I got a call on Tuesday from the hospital job. It seems that something else opened up a little closer to home. I spoke with the lady today, she apologized for not calling me about the other position, but has been up to her ears in stuff. I said it was cool, I kind of figured I didn't get it. Her reasoning was, I was overqualified. And, it's true, I am. The position was essentially going to be a file clerk job. She didn't want to train me and have me leave soon after, because that position is going to nowheresville.

How awesome was that to hear? Pretty fuckin'.

Anyways, a position opened up at TMC. Since I didn't call her back right away, she set up two other interviews. I told her to go ahead with the interviews (because I think she would have dropped it all and given the job to me) because 1) one of the other two may be better qualified for this position and 2) how sucky would that be for those people: YAY! I GOT AN INTERVIEW! Ohhh, nevermind. No thanks, my conscience and karma can't handle that.

She's going to call me on Wednesday and let me know what's up. Hopefully I'll have heard from bookmans or wendys by then. If this job pays more and I can see about getting in some overtime, then I'll probably go with that job. Providing that Bookmans and Wendy's decide that I need more X experience (but, I'd be an asset to any company).

In other news, I'm getting the Alias 2. YAY! I'll finally have a QWERTY keyboard. YAY! Thanks Verizon, I get it for free with the upgrade thing. I should get it on Monday. Once I get my first paycheck from call center, I can go to the store and get a 14% discount. Every little bit helps, no?

I was sad that I missed Ellen (the show) today. The winner of the Shell gift card is a girl I work with. How cool is that? $1000 for Shell, GAS FOR EVER!!! Or, like a month or two. Ha!

I need to eat some dinner and get some sleep. I'm exhausted. stupid getting up early in the morning nonsense. later kids

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