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06:28pm 29/11/2009
Got my rejection email from Bookmans today. Excellent. It probably paid crap anyways.

I should be getting a call from hospital job lady tomorrow. I hope I do. I need to start earning more money and fast.

I think I've dropped a couple more pounds. Yay.

April gave me pumpkin pie and whipped cream last night because she is one of the most awesomest people in the world. And a diet dr. pepper. yum.

I'm going to the RG tonight to snag some wi-fi and do some article writing. Hopefully I can write enough articles over the next few days to get my mortgage payment in (at least one of them anyways).

Tomorrow I start my evening schedule and can see about getting some overtime over the next few weeks. We are allowed to start raking that in. I'll probably see if I can work Wednesday instead of having it off. That will leave me with Thursday off this coming week. I can use that as my day of rest and cooking.

That was my big post of the day.
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