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In other news...

Another interview today for the hospital job. This one is at a hospital much closer (TMC for those in the know) to me than Northwest. Their medical records department is HUGE. It's bigger than my old store. A huge step up from the records department I worked in back in Florida. And so nice. And they have a dumb waiter. How freaking cool is that?

I think the lady really wants to give me the job, and I really want to take it. 8-5 m-f. awesome.

If I do get it, I'll see if I can't do some PT work for call center job. Hopefully, at the very least, they'll let me stay through December on part time hours. They need the warm bodies, especially ones that know what they are doing :) And it's not all that difficult, most of the people that call in are pretty nice, just kind of confused. I just wish they wouldn't speak right into the microphone on the phone, it muffles them terribly, or at the very least, don't call me when you are all sleepy and laying in bed and apparently can't be bothered to hold the phone closer to your head. Srsly.

I've lost a few more pounds and now I'm wondering if I could possibly make this an active project. I've always had trouble with losing weight, I would go to the gym every morning and nothing would happen except I was hungrier than usual. Once I stopped going, I stopped being so hungry, so to me it made no sense. I should probably start using the wii a bit more instead of just letting it sit there and collect dust or you know, play less guitar hero (which I haven't touched in forever).

The plague hasn't reached full blown level yet. I decided to rest tomorrow instead of doing some overtime work. I'll see if I can't add a few hours on Saturday instead of working a whole new shift. I can do six days next week. April gave me a Walgreens worth of medicine today. I'm waiting for the nyquil to kick in so I can get some sleep tonight. Library in the morning, then laundry and house cleaning, maybe some wii or a walk and then more sleep until Friday when I get to go back to work from Friday thru Tuesday. Blergh. Five nonstop days of "Thank you for calling X, my name is Y, may I have your name and 10 digit mobile number please?"

And how are you kids doing this fine December?

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