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work rant below

i wanted to punch about 98% of my customers tonight. If they weren't credit seekers (the pizza equivalent is a scammer) then they had some issue that was their own fault that they were mad at us for charging them properly.

For example: call started out pleasantly enough, she was wondering about her balance, blah blah blah. Well, she activated a phone for her daughter and chose the wrong plan. BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T LISTEN when it read her all of the information before she said YES.

I've had this issue before with customers. They just hear $.99 and think it's the plan that they have had forever and a day. Except, hold up, that plan isn't offered anymore. Now, you can still have it if you ask for it, but that's it, we can't offer it, it isn't listed on any packaging anymore. That's it, it's done. I switched her to that plan and explained that the systems hadn't updated enough for me to see where the charges went to, BUT, more than likely those would be valid charges and we could not credit for that.

That's when she lost it. Threatened to take all of her 8 accounts with her. I could hear her friend in the background egging her on. I stated, again, I have switched her daughter to the plan she originally wanted BUT more than likely, those charges would be valid, but I could not fully assess her account until the details were updated. It's not my fault that you didn't LISTEN.

She hung up on me. I wish her well with AT&T, you think WE charge too much, wait until you get a load of the crap they pull.

To the other lady who did not LISTEN. I can't give you a specific number. If you would like to port over your mom's number to this phone, I can do that BUT, I will need some specific information. No, I need to know certain things, knowing your mom's birthday isn't one of them. Or her SSN. No...ma'a...ma...MA'AM! Not gonna happen. I can't pick a specific number, I understand that she is dyslexic but...MA'AM! seriously, she talked 3 minutes straight right after I said, "No, I only have control over the area code and possibly the prefix." and said (before the 3 minutes), "I don't mean to cut you off, but..." obviously you meant to cut me off. In the meantime, having a domestic dispute with your husband IN MY EAR is not very pleasant.

However, to the guy who waited PATIENTLY for 30 minutes while I got tech support on the line to basically tell him, "Sorry, you're fucked, go to the store." you fucking rock. seriously, this guy never broke a sweat. to the tech support lady: you are a fuckwad. I explained the issue to her IN DETAIL about everything we had done to get that roaming indicator off his phone and she wasn't listening. "If you are having an issue with manual programming *sigh* you can bring him over and I'll walk him through it."

I know she doesn't know who I am, so I explained, "His ability to program is NOT the issue as we have walked through the steps three times. The programming is correct, there is another issue that I can not resolve as I do not have the tools to do so. Is his only option going to the store or is there something else that you can do for him?"

I know that they were busy tonight, I understand that, but FFS don't take that shit out on me when I am being friendly to you, first of all, and secondly talk to me like I'm a raging idiot. I know how to do my fucking job, tyvm, why don't you learn how to do yours? Ugh.

Also, to the two people who had no fucking clue what was going on in the world BUT thought I was nice enough to wait on hold for five minutes to tell a supervisor: thanks. you guys redeemed yourselves. :) By the end of the call, I was beginning to put together that the guy was probably a high functioning mentally disabled man. So bless them both for being so nice.

You know what sucks? It's just going to get worse on Christmas. ugh.

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