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40 minutes. FORTY. CUARENTA. If I knew how to say 40 in other languages I would type them right now.

That's how long I spent on the phone with some idiot in Alabama trying to do the impossible. I can't even get into it because it's too much jargon. Needless to say, I spent 10 of those minutes trying to program the incorrect phone. I notated the hell out of that account though. So, if he calls back, or someone else does because their phones don't work, it is NOT my fault. Change your freaking security code so he can't get into it at 1 in the morning while you are asleep.

To the guy who decided cussing me out because he got free phone calls and didn't understand why the phone wouldn't work...you didn't have enough money to cover your shit. Sorry dude, that's how it works. Do NOT think you can take that out on me. Manage your money better. I don't know what to tell you. I somehow manage to keep my shit straight, why can't you? I hung up on him. I wasn't going to listen to him berate me for his own stupidity.

My last call of the night was a woman who was so pissed off she was seeing red. I could see it through the phone. The store clerk fucked up big time. He made the payment wrong so it charged her for every thing she did on her phone instead of it just filling her "buckets" (unlimited minutes, etc). I explained what happened to her and was about to go into "and what I will do to fix this for you..." when she cut me off. PLEASE DO NOT FUCKING CUT ME OFF. So, I cut her off, "Ma'am, I understand your frustration. Please let me explain what I am going to do to fix this for you. I know that this wasn't your fault so I am going to take care of this, but you need to let me explain it." FFS people, shut the fuck up for five god damn seconds and I will get it done. And please don't throw in your health problems. I don't give a shit. I have my own issues, I don't care about yours. It doesn't make you any more special than anyone else.

My 2nd to last call of the night was one of our regulars. Greyhound guy. He calls up, asks for a store in Kansas City, MO or Phoenix, AZ and while you are pulling up that information he asks if you have ever ridden a greyhound bus. If you let him keep talking the questions just get weirder and weirder. We found out about him when we were in training. When he asked me that question I said, "Oh HAY! How have you been? I haven't talked to you in forever!" *click* He hung up. hehehehe I should have let him keep talking so he could have been my last call of the night. Crazy weirdos.

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