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(no subject)  
02:54am 27/12/2009
I think I need a call center icon.

I had a couple of doozies. I may post about them later this week. Nothing too crazy today, at least the systems were working properly.

Although, I had one call for probably 30 minutes just going round and round in circles. She felt that she should not have been charged for the days she "couldn't" use her phone (even though there was activity in the account on those days) even though her plan states (which she claims she read the terms and conditions) that it is PAY EVERY DAY NO MATTER THE FUCK WHAT.

The best part is when she tried to turn it around on me, "You have a phone, right? What if you couldn't use your phone?"
"Then I would get it fixed and would call every day until it was fixed or I got a new phone. It's my responsibility to make sure that what I am paying for is in the right working order. Your plan states, and you said you read the terms and conditions, that you pay every day not just when the phone is working. As far as we are concerned, that phone was fixed as you did not CONTINUE TO CALL to get the situation remedied. That is not our responsibility, it is yours."

Seriously, 30 minutes round and round in that circle. Mostly, she wanted to know why her phone didn't work. Because it has a zero balance, which was also explained repeatedly. The guy sitting next to me was cracking up a few times because I just kept repeating myself. Over and over and...you get the idea.

My favorite calls are the, "Well, when we were with Company A, that didn't happen."
"My apologies. You were sent a welcome packet. The information regarding your plan is available online, through the representatives here, the store and that welcome packet. We can't make it any clearer as to how the plans work. I understand you think that you weren't charged on Saturday and Sunday, well, if you weren't then that was probably a glitch in the system. We fixed the glitch. You get charged every day. That is why the plan is called "Pay Every Day" and not "Pay Every Monday Through Friday". Is there anything else I can assist you with?"

She sounded like a scolded child when she told me no, that was all. Sorry lady, you don't win that shit with me. READ THE INFORMATION!

I'm so glad tomorrow is back to regular time. I don't think I could have handled another 12 hour day of dumbness.
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(no subject)
05:11pm 27/12/2009 (UTC)
Was she older? Once upon a time, when companies fucked up, they took responsibility for it. They didn't put the onus on the people that were throwing money at them to sort out the problems. They would not charge people for phone outages, TV outages, and the like.

I don't blame her for being upset, for being told she has to WORK for what she should have, and what she is paying for.

Not for nothing, after the crap I've gone through with Virgin Mobile for years, listening to your side, I realize that capitalism is more fucked up than I thought with companies encouraging their staff to tell people to go stuff themselves, and not being flexible and understanding, and taking responsibility for their actions. No accountability, and a sense of entitlement with companies. It's not just my account, not just them -- even on this level, there are people like you who think this is ok.

I know people who work in customer service and don't have this sense of entitlement and this sense of justifying treating the people paying their salary like morons who should be glad they have someone to give money to. I feel so old because my values on how people, and customers, should be treated, is so vastly different.

It's not just this post, it's all the others. Mouth open at what you find acceptable. Blows my mind, honestly.
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(no subject)
10:57pm 27/12/2009 (UTC)
I am more than happy to credit someone back for something that they weren't able to use. Especially if they call us when it happens. For example, guy knows he lost his phone somewhere, it's not stolen, it's just lost. No problem, we suspend the line to stop payment of his daily charge. He calls back a week later. I get the call for the week later (so, I know all of this from good notes and what he's telling me, these things are matching up). The computer took his money away from his balance. Not acceptable. He put in his effort to report the phone lost, suspend his account so he would not be charged and it did it anyways. I credited that back to him.

My issue with the prior examples of those women was this: just because you don't understand what is going on does not mean you get it for free. If you tell me you read your terms and conditions then you know what's going on.
If you were able to get away with free shit before, hey, guess what, you can't get it for free now. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but why do you think Alltel had to sell? because you had too much free shit.

I *don't* treat people like morons. I am probably one of the best people to work customer service because I will work with the customer, but they have to work with me. That means not talking to ME like I'm a moron first of all, that they are ENTITLED to free things. I will credit back people when, honestly, the rules say I shouldn't.

Want the best example of how I almost lost my job? I gave a woman $20 because she used a refill card to add a bundle to her acct. Guess what, the computer fucked it up. I was told by a supervisor to not credit. You know what I did...I gave her the freaking $20 to get that bundle back up and running. She got 15 free days because of that, because OUR system screwed up.

I'm sorry you feel that my skills are subpar or not in the interest of the customer. I know how I expect to be treated and how I treat others. And this is with courtesy and respect. I show absolute courtesy to EVERY customer that calls in. When the begin to treat me like I'm a moron and I don't know what I'm talking about, when I'm sitting there looking at there account and every little activity that has gone on with their account, then, NO, I won't be flexible. I will still show courtesy to that caller because that is good customer service, but I won't just let them scheme to get what they want. If they feel that our system is incorrect, they will have to show it to a store rep and get it fixed from the store. By having the rep call us and have is credit back whatever is due.

I don't just shut people down for no reason. As for the girl who said her phone didn't work (again, much activity for those days, must have been really hard to not use it that much) she was no more than 15 years old and seemed to expect just to have things returned to her because she was whatever her name was. The world does not work that way.

I don't know what happened with your and Virgin Mobile, but I myself know that large corporations tend to not have good service. When they do it's mind blowing and awesome. I try to be one of those reps who will provide excellent service and fully assess the account and credit back what is do. Again, if you work with me. You treat me with courtesy and I will definitely help you. If I say no the first time it may be because I haven't found something yet, or you haven't mentioned something yet, do not immediately start cursing me out because I said you couldn't have $.40 back.

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(no subject)
10:57pm 27/12/2009 (UTC)
I take accountability for my actions, again, I have credited people back AGAINST the words of my supervisors and tech support because I feel that the company misled the customer in that respect.

The stories I share here are not representative of my entire day, I tend to not point out the ones where I broke some silly policy because, hey, if this shit ever gets found, guess what? I am not losing my job because I am a super replaceable wage monkey, so I would prefer to keep my "heroics" to a more private forum.

Capitalism is capitalism, it won't change. If you don't like the service or product, you move to a different one. That's how it works. I provide good service, I just don't think that giving away the store is actually "good service" I think that is the nonsense that led to "The Customer is Always Right".
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