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02:54am 27/12/2009
I think I need a call center icon.

I had a couple of doozies. I may post about them later this week. Nothing too crazy today, at least the systems were working properly.

Although, I had one call for probably 30 minutes just going round and round in circles. She felt that she should not have been charged for the days she "couldn't" use her phone (even though there was activity in the account on those days) even though her plan states (which she claims she read the terms and conditions) that it is PAY EVERY DAY NO MATTER THE FUCK WHAT.

The best part is when she tried to turn it around on me, "You have a phone, right? What if you couldn't use your phone?"
"Then I would get it fixed and would call every day until it was fixed or I got a new phone. It's my responsibility to make sure that what I am paying for is in the right working order. Your plan states, and you said you read the terms and conditions, that you pay every day not just when the phone is working. As far as we are concerned, that phone was fixed as you did not CONTINUE TO CALL to get the situation remedied. That is not our responsibility, it is yours."

Seriously, 30 minutes round and round in that circle. Mostly, she wanted to know why her phone didn't work. Because it has a zero balance, which was also explained repeatedly. The guy sitting next to me was cracking up a few times because I just kept repeating myself. Over and over and...you get the idea.

My favorite calls are the, "Well, when we were with Company A, that didn't happen."
"My apologies. You were sent a welcome packet. The information regarding your plan is available online, through the representatives here, the store and that welcome packet. We can't make it any clearer as to how the plans work. I understand you think that you weren't charged on Saturday and Sunday, well, if you weren't then that was probably a glitch in the system. We fixed the glitch. You get charged every day. That is why the plan is called "Pay Every Day" and not "Pay Every Monday Through Friday". Is there anything else I can assist you with?"

She sounded like a scolded child when she told me no, that was all. Sorry lady, you don't win that shit with me. READ THE INFORMATION!

I'm so glad tomorrow is back to regular time. I don't think I could have handled another 12 hour day of dumbness.
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