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Hospital Living

Okay, I work in a hospital, so I'm pretty used to seeing the human misery that comes in day after day. My head hurts, my feet hurt, I'm having a heart attack, I think I'm pregnant, I think I have a some sort of STD (please note, that these are not *my* complaints, but those of the patients).

And day after day I look at all of the charts, assess and send to the billing company. Well, yesterday I went to visit my cousin in the maternity ward. Her sugar was going wacky and so they admitted her for a few days to get it under control with insulin. We were playing cards and watching tv and my phone rang. It was Heather, her sister had fallen off a golf cart and hit her head on the pavement, she was vomiting and losing consciousness. She was being taken to a hospital called JFK. One of THE worst hospitals in Palm Beach County, but it was the closest to where she had had her accident. I was already south of that area, so I told her I would meet her in the ER and see what was going on.

So, I leave my cousin and take for the other hospital. I get there and find that Heather isn't there yet, but her sister's friend and her friend's mom are there waiting for Heather's mom to get there. So, I go outside to call Heather and let her know her sister is here, and is conscious and talking. Her mom shows up a few minutes later and finds out more. Then we go eat (Heather hadn't eaten dinner yet and since her mom was there and they only allow one person per patient, we figured it was okay). So, we get back, and her mom goes home to take care of her parents, get them in bed, etc. and then is coming back to finish the paperwork and bring socks and what not.

So, Heather goes back there (now it's been about 2 hours) and finds her sister laying in puke stained clothes, no shoes and no blanket. There is no bucket that she can get to, no tissues to wipe her mouth, nothing. So, Heather asks some of the nurses and they all brush her off, so she starts going through all the drawers in the ER to find what she needs. I get back from dropping her friends off at their place and now it's been 3 hours and they were just starting to register her. THREE HOURS!!!

So, we don't have the insurance card, her mom does, so we have to wait for her mom to get back before she can be registered. Finally, her mom shows up. Now, it's been 4 hours since she got there, and she is finally, FINALLY getting a CT Scan and XRays. *sigh*

I left around 1 in the morning. By 5, they decided that it was a trauma case (this is eight hours later, mind you) and so get her ready to transport to a hospital in Delray Beach. She gets to Delray and they say, "This isn't a trauma case, but since she's here, we'll take good care of her."
And they have been. She was admitted this morning and will probably go home tomorrow. What did they do to her, you ask...they gave her an IV of saline. It stopped the vomiting. What a fucking miracle! :)
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