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01:59am 03/01/2010
My evening went fairly smoothly. With the exception of my second call of the night. I just asked the guy to verify the account, I was going to do the balance transfer, although I'm still kind of muddy on whether or not we can really do those, but anyways, he got all upset because I said until he verifies the account I can't do anything to it. "What is your name?"
I gave my first name.
"What is your last name?"
"I don't give out that information, sir."
"What is your ID number?"
"I also do not give out that information."
"I'm going to call back and talk to a supervisor."

Uhhh, ok. I just needed four numbers dude, that's it. I checked on it later, I guess they got the numbers because the transfer had been done and his number was disconnected. *rolls eyes*

Unforunately, for C, her night was not so good. She was called a "cockroach", "fucking idiot" and had someone mumbling things like "Yeah, you like it that way. Nice and dirty. You are a dirty girl." When she would say, "Pardon? Did you have a question? I couldn't hear you clearly." because, seriously...who says that on the phone unless they are calling a 900 number. He spoke clearly, "Oh, I didn't say anything." oooook

And of course, she got the bathroom call. "Oh, I'll just call back then, I'm in the bathroom right now."

ew ew ew

Cheesecake Factory starts hiring on Monday. YAAAAAAAAY!!!
mood: exanimateexanimate
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