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I think I had a wanker on the phone tonight. How you can get off listening to someone tell you about phone plans is beyond me. I guess it takes all kinds.

Best call of the night goes to C. Poor thing. An 11 year old calls in (which isn't uncommon, a lot of these phones are used by kids strictly for texting) and demands that we give him $15 for a refill card that didn't work. "John told me that I could throw the card away and he would write down the number and in 30 minutes give me the money."

So, as C explains, there is no note in the system that says anything to that effect and no rep would tell anyone to throw that card away. You might as well like a $20 bill on fire. It's like cash. Now, in the notes it says he needed emergency credit because his mom and grandmother are both dead and he needs to call someone. While on the phone with C he is asking his "mom" if he's right in what he's saying about "John" and the mysterious credit.

He then starts berating her for not giving him the money. And demands to "talk to a fucking supervisor because you are an idiot. I want the highest ranking person there!!!!" ooooooook

My team lead gets on the phone and it is the most amusing thing I have ever seen in my life. Seriously. The kid got one free shot at insulting him, he told him he would need to carry on this conversation like an adult and not use foul language or the call would be released. I guess little Jakey kept going, he released the call.


I had a similar call, but the customer was not 11, probably in mid 30s or so. Has been told for the past 2 days to go back to the store with the card and the receipt and have them call the merchant services line to get the number correct, there is nothing we can do, we don't sell those cards, it's a 3rd party company. He wants to talk to my manager. I put him on hold, flag someone down, explain the situation, they say, "Nope, no sup is going to take this call. Deescalate as best you can and tell him he's already been told the solution to the problem."

The guy hung up on me.

Thank goodness tomorrow is my Friday.

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