LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

i guess the cheesecake factory didn't want to hire me. never got a call back.

no matter, i didn't want to wear a tie anyways.

stepping up the job search. gotta start hitting the pavement again. it wasn't even a bad night tonight, but i was ready to kill. i had no patience for anyone. my 3rd call was a guy who was upset because he had been misled by a store rep. and he kept going off, after about 3 solid minutes of bitching i stopped him, "Hold up. Just stop. Look, i'm sorry the rep told you wrong, this is how it works. that's it. i am going to get this money back on the account, but you need to cool off."

i think it was the hold up that caught his attention. *cough* i may have gone slightly..."urban" with that one :)

i think just in general being grouchy today set me off, then i got my "quality" scores today and was "yelled" at for not following adherence. essentially, you get dinged if you clock out too early for your break, too late for your break, too early BACK from your break, too LATE back from your break, and being late or staying too late for your shift.

now, if i clock out more than one minute early for my break i get in trouble. makes sense, can't have people being all willy nilly with their break times. however, if i clock out late for my break because i was on a call, i get in trouble. so, those nights when that call comes in five minutes before your break and you wind up activating four new phones in different zip codes and different phone plans and what ever else you can think of going wrong...you wind up going an HOUR late for your break. that's a big no-no. how do help it? you can't, unless you employ the accidental release technique. "oops, I sneezed and hit the release button" "oops, i meant to hit hold and hit release instead" etc.

i haven't done that yet.



maybe i'm just in a funk. this whole every thing you do is monitored stuff is just a little silly. i guess i've fallen out of being comfortable with that.

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