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(no subject)  
03:40pm 14/01/2010
I thought I'd have some good pizza drama to share. I was sadly let down. There was, however, pizza humor.

There was a meeting held last Saturday, and it was mandatory for all supervisors and managers. The silent shareholder (so named because I've only ever had one order for the guy, unlike the other owners/shareholders) was also in attendance. He gave a "motivational" speech, which had most of the employees rolling their eyes. The owner, L, mentioned that they needed to make money to continue paying the employees. uhhh, maybe shouldn't say that to everyone.

(for real time reality: just got call from R, she told me some more of the meeting story which I will now share with you all)

The silent shareholder, K, made mention of FB and Twitter. Uncle Mike says, "we are talking to the marketing company about it, but we don't have the money right now." R tells him that it's FREE and that it was mentioned by an employee (me) before. She didn't say, "Alica mentioned it over a year ago" even tho she wanted to.

Apparently setting up FB and Twitter is too time consuming for him to do, he would rather pay someone to manage something that is FREE. *sigh*

Someone else mentioned getting a list of all clubs/organizations within the University. That is also too hard. Probably afraid of getting carpal tunnel or something.

The biggest question asked was, 'What should we do to make 2010 better?'

No one had the guts to say, "Get rid of you." I kind of wish I could have been there, just for the amusement factor. Good times.

Still on the hunt for another job, haven't heard back from anyone yet. Then again, hearing reports that the retail sector just laid off all of the seasonal workers isn't really helping matters. I have seen a lot of posts on CL for gem show help, i may possibly look into one of those. At least for some extra cash right now.

Wish I had more pizza drama to share, alas, many of my informants are moving to other locations or are quitting themselves. So sad.
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(no subject)
12:49am 15/01/2010 (UTC)
Frank Lloyd Wrong: cowbell flw
He wants to be on FB and MS and have a web presence... It's "too expensive".

That is a job offer.
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(no subject)
05:13am 15/01/2010 (UTC)
ay, there's the rub, they don't have the money to pay for that right now. plus there is no way i would ever work for uncle mike again
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