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I think the highlight of my day was saving 39% on my groceries this evening.


Did a little cleaning. Need to do a little more. Listening to Supertramp's Breakfast in America to aid in the cleaning. But, I think it's time for a little PHM to really amp things up. Of course, the icon is the wrong album, but that's ok. It's still fun to watch him spin around.

Vera has been helping me clean my sitting on chairs near me while I work, guarding the kitchen from apparent attacks and is currently sleeping on the bed. I guess guard duty really takes it out of you.

Spoke with my mom this evening. My dad hasn't been paying the mortgage. She didn't know. She found out when the For Sale sign went out in the front yard. Good one, dad.

I think that's about all. I haven't even really had too crazy of customers lately. Mostly we have about 2-5 minutes between calls. It's that slow right now. I'm kind of glad, it is giving me a little more time for writing. I'm not sure how I'm going to cobble everything together, but right now it's a collection of stories from my years as a driver and manager. We'll see how I can put it all together. Novelization? Possibly. Random fun stories? Maybe.

They are doing an attendance incentive at work right now. Every week of perfect attendance (seriously, I feel like I'm back at school with this shit) gets you a raffle ticket for a $75 gift card. More than likely it's a gift card to Fry's, which is fine with me, that's free groceries. For perfect attendance for the whole month you get 2 tickets for a big drawing for a $500 gift card.

The shitty part is, I haven't gotten my tickets yet. I keep asking my team lead, and I shall continue to do so until I win those damn gift cards. Might as well have some sort of bonus for working there. You know, besides the paycheck.

In pizza world, it seems that the minions are getting restless with the new GM. He hasn't even been there a week yet and they are ready to kill him. This is so amusing. What's more amusing are the minions who continually ask me if I'm coming back any time soon. They know the rules, when Uncle Mike leaves, I'd be happy to step back in. :)

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