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First week of work was quite interesting. Besides trying to catch everything up, I have to job cost the payroll out every week. She was a month behind on that as well. So, I was working on the second one and when I was finished I was $800 off. I want to kill myself. So, I get to spend tomorrow morning trying to figure out where I screwed up. That's about one paycheck maybe two, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out, just time consuming. I like working there though. Very laidback,the only downside is my immediate boss. He's very negative. Not in a horrible way, he seems to have a good sense of humor, but he has no faith in humanity. I mean, in certain situations, I don't either, but I have faith that most people are innately good, just that sometimes temptation is too hard to resist. Or what not. So, I have to work on him, make him a bit more positive. It could just be that three years of an incompetent person made him this way. Who knows?

I like doing what I'm doing though. I've never really done accounting work, so this is great experience for me to have for when I finally open my own business. I will understand how to handle payroll and job costing and credit card receipts and salary requirements and what not. Should be fun.

However, the only downfall is that I need to figure out to fix the Excel spreadsheet that we use for time keeping purposes. If anyone is an Excel guru, please assist me here. I can even email you a copy of the spreadsheet so you can see what we are dealing with. :)

OK, I'm thinking about doing some yoga right now. I'm really fucking tense and need to relax. That might be the best way right now. Later!

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