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09:05pm 27/01/2010
I like getting my ducks in a row. It's almost calming.

Got some cleaning done during the State of the Union address. Whilst I cleaned and listened, the kitties were treated to the occasional "Hells yeah!" and "'bout freakin' time!" and "Neat."

I would have vacuumed, but it was getting a little late for that. I'll do that in the morning. I might get up at a "normal" time so that I can get the registration taken care of, and then get some other stuff taken care of. I'm only waiting for one more piece of tax info and then I can file. May put some of that money to use towards working on the beverage/pastry catering goal.

I did look up some gluten free recipes this afternoon while I was futzing around playing games on facebook. They seem pretty interesting. I may do a little experimenting and have people at work taste them. TRICK THEM INTO EATING GLUTEN FREE!!! bwahahahahahha
mood: productiveproductive
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