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05:20am 04/02/2010
We've been pretty busy the past few days. Kind of weird.

My trainer (the one who is in the SCA) was demoted. She's been moved to CSR like the rest of us. The story is that her last training class had 9 people fail. After 3 tries on the open book/note test. Wow.

Someone is selling a coffee cart on craigslist.

The "dessert lounge" is still up for sale. Down to $110k. I still don't have enough money for it :)

I've decided to just get a new battery for the laptop. It's still a good little machine.

I'm applying for a job with Intuit as a "Community Manager". Maybe I can get that job. That would be nice. If it pays more than this one, I'd be thrilled.

I figured out how much I make in a year. I almost wept with sadness.

2 more days and then I have the weekend off. YAY!!!
mood: coldcold
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