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I think I may use my cactus weiner pic whenever I talk about work. For serious.

Had a couple of lovely pervy calls today. First one was someone playing a porno in the background. Why this is a turn on for these guys, I just don't get it. Whatever, ran thru my little speech about not being able to hear them and hung up.

Next perv was a guy who gives his phone number and gives me some story about his phone getting bad reception. Of course, he is calling on that phone, so I give him some things that he can try out after we hang up and advise that if that doesn't work, he'll need to go to a store with a tech, there may be an issue with the phone itself. No problem. I ask if there is anything else, and he says,

"Can I stretch out your asshole and come in your pussy?"

I replied, "As that request is not *company name* related, I'll be unable to accommodate that request. Feel free to try someone else. Thank you for calling *company name* and have a great evening."

He did call back. He got the rep sitting behind me. *shakes head*

I've been put into a special training class right now. I'm still taking calls, obviously, but they are working to get us up to "A" player status. That's the extra $1 an hour. To get that you have to follow the script. Sorry kids, the script is stupid. I am not recapping EVERYTHING that we did. if they need that reminder, which I'm sure they could give a rat's ass about, then they need to lay down the bong and pay the fuck attention.

I've decided my goal is five resumes out a day. Hopefully something will come of this renewed effort to get out of call center hell.

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