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(no subject)  
02:22am 21/02/2010
Hi kids! Miss me?

After two days of no internet, I am back with a whimper. Would have been a vengeance, but I lack the energy.

I've been in the special training all week. My issue, the ONE THING keeping me from earning extra money per hour: call sequencing.

You see, you have to follow a certain model:
customer focus
bridge to business
offer options and recommendations
gain customer agreement

focus: identify yourself, say what's up, be friendly and empathetic
example: wants to change phone number. Why? receiving harassing calls. "I'm sorry to hear you are receiving harassing phone calls..." Honestly, I am sorry to hear that, but do you believe it? probably not. do you care? probably not. but I have to say it.

Bridge to business: acknowledge by recapping the customer's issue. soooo, i am repeating back to them what they said. I am now a therapist.

Assess: ask fact finding questions. that's easy enough, no problem. Listen and paraphrase, again, be a therapist.

Offer options: we can do this or this to fix it.

Gain agreement: is that okay?

Summarize: hi, if you weren't present for the past 5 minutes, this is what we just did.

You see, I don't summarize. I rarely give self serve options because half of these people know what those are, but if they are calling me, there is a reason for it.

So, that's what is keeping me from a whole extra $40 a week. my sequencing. i solve the fucking problem, but not in the right order.

I "failed" a call tonight because I didn't give a bridge to business for a credit seeker. Really? The reviewer said, "I have to fail it because you didn't achieve FCR (first call resolution)." She's a credit seeker. there will not be fcr until someone caves and gives her the $3 she needs to get her phone working again.

Whatever. The lead in that area doesn't understand why we are doing so well in there and not on the floor. I told him, "We are doing well in here because we are being closely monitored. I guarantee you, we get back out there, we'll just go back to doing whatever we are doing."

I don't think he liked that response.

In other news, I tried the patch today. I have never felt sicker in my life. I think it was too much nicotine or something. I had to take it off after a few hours. I'm still feeling a little icky. I'll have to do this the old fashioned way. Cold Turkey.
mood: coldcold
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(no subject)
03:54pm 21/02/2010 (UTC)
Why We Cite: Egyptian Guy
Are you using a 21-milligram patch or one of the lower dosage ones? I think 21 milligrams is what they recommend for heavier smokers, so it might be overkill if you're using that.

The good news is that there was a UK study recently that found that people quitting cold turkey commented afterward that it was a lot easier than they expected it to be. And a lot of the studies showing that people who use patches, etc. are more successful at quitting are funded by the drug industry, so they might be crap.

As for your job, let me guess--they want you to include all of this crap in a call but will thump you if your calls are too long. It's one of those lose-lose situations, isn't it? It reminds me of all of those times I worked in retail where we were told, simultaneously, that we needed to cut labor hours and boost sales. So, in other words, we were supposed to magically make customers who couldn't find anyone to help them think that their shopping experience was a good one, and magically make product recommendations appear in their heads.

I hate capitalism.
picword: Egyptian Guy
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(no subject)
04:03pm 21/02/2010 (UTC)
Frank Lloyd Wrong: spaghetti
Perfect response, footnotefetish!

Be magic!

With regard to the patch, you can cut them to change the dosage. So, cut a 21 mg patch into a 2/3 patch and a 1/3 patch and you have a 14mg and 7 mg patch for cheap. Try again at 14 mg. There are several factors to the effectiveness of the patch, including how readily your skin absorbs the nicotine. Don't give up on quitting, you can do it! If you can work in a call center, you can handle quitting smoking.
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(no subject)
09:07am 23/02/2010 (UTC)
LocaKitty: The Office Head Desk
It's the level 2 patch, so 14 mg. I guess that is too much for me or something. honestly, the way it made me feel was worse than the morning after cough :)

i've quit cold turkey before, i can do it again, just need to get in the right mindset.

as for the calls, yeah, pretty much. keep your handle time low, but not tooooo low (less than 300 seconds means you get extra monitoring to make sure you aren't releasing calls), and make sure you give them all their options to do it themselves, even though it's not even a reason for their calling. and make sure you offer to take payments because they probably don't know that you can do that, but you should also tell them to make the payments on their own. it's ridiculous.

it's not so much that i hate capitalism, i hate creating work where there doesn't need to be work. did i get the problem fixed? yes/no? was I nice about doing it? yes/no? are they going to call back about this same issue? yes/no? boom, done. see, took all of 3 seconds to "score" that call. soooo ridiculous
picword: The Office Head Desk
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(no subject)
08:07pm 21/02/2010 (UTC)
The Slitherdeedee
Girl! I cannot stand the millions of excuses they have for nickel and diming their employees to death on bullshit! I really feel your pain! *hugs*

As for the patch--I've never tried it. I've been using StopHX from Invite Health http://www.invitehealth.com/ and it's amazing--although I did go through the nicotine withdrawal symptoms in all their ghastly glory, it's been a little more than a month since I've had a cig, and I'm down with it. Still taking the StopHX one or two times a day (it contains: Mucuna Pruriens 400mg, L-Dopa 40 mg, L-Theanine 50 mg, & 5-HTP 5mg)--and if I have to take this formula every day for the rest of my life, I will. And I'm still losing weight (then again, I'm really into the supplements big-time--just saying).

One of my best friends stopped smoking a couple of days before I did & is also still not smoking, but he used the patch & it seems to be giving him a reaction of some sort as well.

But good luck, sweetie! The catalog price for 3 bottles of StopHX is currently $99.90--that's a 3 month supply. Cheaper than cigs!

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(no subject)
09:08am 23/02/2010 (UTC)
LocaKitty: Bob Ross
i'll have to look into that. I may visit the local hippie store and see what they got going on there. right now it's lollipops are the way for me to think about getting into that mindset of not smoking.

congrats on the month!
picword: Bob Ross
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(no subject)
01:54pm 23/02/2010 (UTC)
The Slitherdeedee
Thank you for the congrats! I hope you do look into it--they do deliver all over the continental US. When you're ready--and only you'll know when that is. *hugs*
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(no subject)
10:13pm 21/02/2010 (UTC)
Hi kids! Miss me?

YAY!!! We're gonna hear a story, we're gonna hear a story!

I've been in the special training all week.

Awwww. :(

I'm sure your special trainer didn't like that response, but it's true. I wonder if some of these are based on the call-centers-in-India backlash. "Did the person really understand what I was trying to say?" -- but that doesn't speak to the temporal ORDER of it all. Who cares in what order it all takes place?

And I'm sorry about the patch. You can do it cold turkey!!!!
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