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Hi kids! Miss me?

After two days of no internet, I am back with a whimper. Would have been a vengeance, but I lack the energy.

I've been in the special training all week. My issue, the ONE THING keeping me from earning extra money per hour: call sequencing.

You see, you have to follow a certain model:
customer focus
bridge to business
offer options and recommendations
gain customer agreement

focus: identify yourself, say what's up, be friendly and empathetic
example: wants to change phone number. Why? receiving harassing calls. "I'm sorry to hear you are receiving harassing phone calls..." Honestly, I am sorry to hear that, but do you believe it? probably not. do you care? probably not. but I have to say it.

Bridge to business: acknowledge by recapping the customer's issue. soooo, i am repeating back to them what they said. I am now a therapist.

Assess: ask fact finding questions. that's easy enough, no problem. Listen and paraphrase, again, be a therapist.

Offer options: we can do this or this to fix it.

Gain agreement: is that okay?

Summarize: hi, if you weren't present for the past 5 minutes, this is what we just did.

You see, I don't summarize. I rarely give self serve options because half of these people know what those are, but if they are calling me, there is a reason for it.

So, that's what is keeping me from a whole extra $40 a week. my sequencing. i solve the fucking problem, but not in the right order.

I "failed" a call tonight because I didn't give a bridge to business for a credit seeker. Really? The reviewer said, "I have to fail it because you didn't achieve FCR (first call resolution)." She's a credit seeker. there will not be fcr until someone caves and gives her the $3 she needs to get her phone working again.

Whatever. The lead in that area doesn't understand why we are doing so well in there and not on the floor. I told him, "We are doing well in here because we are being closely monitored. I guarantee you, we get back out there, we'll just go back to doing whatever we are doing."

I don't think he liked that response.

In other news, I tried the patch today. I have never felt sicker in my life. I think it was too much nicotine or something. I had to take it off after a few hours. I'm still feeling a little icky. I'll have to do this the old fashioned way. Cold Turkey.

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