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(no subject)  
09:27pm 24/02/2010
I need to find a muffin pan that is squares instead of circles. I did see one online, it's $24. I'm still thinking about it.

I bought nail polish. I hadn't been able to wear it because of the pizza job. It dawned on me last night that I can wear it again. I got two pretty colors, one is, of course, fire engine red. :)

I checked out a couple of cookbooks from the library for ideas for new baked goods.

I ate papa john's tonight. honestly, i was craving the garlic sauce. after eating the pizza, i'm reminded why i don't order it. much like a whopper at burger king. bleh

vera is curled up in my lap. she's very warm. it's like having a personal heater. :)
mood: soresore
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(no subject)
06:57am 27/02/2010 (UTC)
Books? I like books. They are very tasty. Phone books are the best kind, but I have nibbled on library books whenever someone is nice enough to leave them out for me.
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