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03:19pm 28/02/2010
Still looking for recipes and trying out things. I took a butterscotch brownie recipe and tried to make it into a cupcake recipe. Didn't work out so well. They would make excellent cookies though. mmmmmm

One of my coworkers took me grocery shopping. She had a large sum of food stamps that she needed to use by Saturday. I have food for the next two months. Wow. I'll only need to get small things from the store for a while (milk, etc). That was a huge help.

Going to apply Monday to a new restaurant that is opening up. For now, just looking at it as a 2nd job, but if the money is really good, I may completely quit the call center.

Speaking of the call center, we had a team meeting last night. Apparently, my team lead is a fan of L. Ron Hubbard. Ooooooh boy. I wonder if he is high enough to know about Xenu yet. Or reads clambake.org, I'm doubting both.

It's been raining since last night. I love it when it rains here. I'm not loving the extra cold, but that's ok. I have warm clothing, I'm sure I'll be fine. :)

Found out a friend of mine is pregnant. shhhh, it's not even 3 months yet, so don't tell! I can't think of a better mommie to be, though. She'll be great. And daddy to be, as well. He'll be spectacular.
mood: coldcold
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