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03:12am 05/03/2010
My poor Vera. She's constipated. I went to Petsmart to see if I could find a laxative, no dice. They were out. Apparently a lot of kitties are stopped up. I'm going to stop by a different one on the way to work tomorrow to see if they have any. In the interim, I've given her some olive oil, hopefully that helps a little and doing some belly massaging. She never lets me rub her belly, so I know she isn't feeling well. If I get worse, there is going to be a vet visit. *sigh*

Also, dogs seem to not get constipated, only gassy and diarrhea. And they like to eat poo. :)

I have blisters on the bottoms of my feet. I bought some of those blister bandaids. I feel much better now.

I'm looking at the new Skecher Shape Ups for a new pair of shoes. I haven't seen anything negative about them yet.

Now, to finish watching Psych and then bed. :)
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