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(no subject)  
03:54am 15/03/2010
I'm calling the vet for Vera. Hopefully I can get in on Tuesday. I'm wondering if it's a UTI, but she has been able to do #1, just not the #2. I gave up on trying home remedies since she is so freaking finicky.

I thought I had tricked her on taking in some fiber supplements by putting it in olive oil, she fell for it for like a second. She's too smart! :)

Sent an email to the temp agency to let the lady know that I am really interested in looking for a new job. Gave her my availabilities for part time days or a full time job that pays over a certain amount.

We lost 5 team leads in less than 3 days. 3 were fired, 2 quit. Crazy shit.

Had a team meeting tonight. Got to hear more L. Ron Hubbard tonight, I kind of zoned out at one point. Maybe my thetans are out of whack or something. :)

Sleepy. Gonna head home and get some sleep.
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(no subject)
12:54pm 15/03/2010 (UTC)
Maybe Vera's thetans are making her stopped up? Vera should get an audit. Heh heh heh.
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