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Another day done. Woo! I have almost caught up a lot of the stuff that the lady before me left behind. I am so happy. I've fixed a few glitches with payroll, so, hopefully this one will be error free. I didn't give someone their paycheck last week and I found my error. I put his hours with someone else's. Oops! So, I got that figured out, now we have to send this guy's check back and get a refund on that. *sigh* Well, that was the only MAJOR error on the paychecks. Thank goodness. This one I know will be right I reviewed it with the girl who does the time and she says she is positive she did it all right. So, now if I don't make any mistakes in writing the hours down, then there should be no issues at all!

I get paid this Friday too, which is nice. It is just nice to bring home a paycheck again. Makes me happy. Actually, just working again makes me happy, and since I enjoy myself there, I don't mind working there. Now we just have to fix the computer and then everything will be fine. I was running scandisk today and it found 41 bad clusters so far. Not good. I had to leave it though, it was already 6:30 when I left, so I figured it was time to go. I can probably fix it tomorrow. Shouldn't be an issue. Anyways, that's about all that's going on in my life right now. Just work and school, which both are going great.

Time for bed. It beckons me!


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