LocaKitty (locakitty) wrote,

Haven't posted in a while. Haven't had internet access. Anyways, went to temp agency and because they placed me in the call center and I was hired on permanent, I would have to resign from the call center before they place me again. I explained that I wanted a day job and that they were willing to work with a new schedule (part time).

Of course, they haven't called. Fuckers. But, there may be a position opening for a trainer at the call center. I'm friendly with the training supervisor who told me about the position, I told him to let me know when to turn in my resume. If it gets me off the phones and pays more than I make now, I'm down.

Had to go back to a full pill for Vera, she did have a small poo victory and when I dosed her down, she started posturing again. I guess we'll do full pill for 2 weeks this time around. And then start decreasing after. I really don't want another vet bill and I really want her to be regular again.

I'm just really blah right now. really blah. it'll clear up soon, i'm sure, but having my sinuses going insane right now, sore throat, kitty issues, strategic defaults on mortgages and shitty jobs doesn't make for fun times. :)

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