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Randomness (this is a constant topic of mine, no?)

Well, Thursday night I get a call from my mom. My dad is in the ER with cellulitis. No big deal, really. It's a very painful infection, but easily treated with antibiotics. Oh, but if you have diabetes or artherosclerosis, things are a bit trickier. Diabetics can't heal as easily as someone who isn't diabetic. That's why there are wound care centers. I myself am getting a bit concerned that this sore on my leg isn't healing as well as it should be after a month. I only haven't gotten REALLY concerned because it was a rather deep gouge and it keeps scabbing quite nicely. I am keepin neosporin on it every three days to keep it from getting infected.
Anyways. So, after she tells me he has cellulitis, I'm worried, but not too. Then she tells me he has had some swelling since Monday and he decided Thursday to go to the ER. They are probably going to admit him. Great! Now, I'm really worried. I don't want him to lose his leg, anymore than he wants to lose his leg. So, now I'm all kinds of wanting to cry. About 90 minutes later, I get a call again, this time it is to tell me the antibiotics seem to be working and they are letting him go home. Plus, his blood sugar was down to a normal level (for him anyways) so there was no need to keep him. That and he probably would have had to stay in the ER all night given the lack of beds (it's still season down here and over there). He was happy to go home. I got to talk to him, and he was a little sleepy from some of the meds so he wasn't too coherent. They had given him levaquin and he had a BAD reaction to it. Oops. New allergy for the man. :) So, that's a good thing to know if I ever need meds, "Well, my dad is allergic to Levaquin, so if I need it, please keep me for an extra hour to see if I have a reaction." I swear I got my mango allergy from him (he's allergic to the leaves and tree sap, but can eat the fruit, even though someone told me that allergies aren't genetic. Given that both of them are allergic to penicillin and I am too and he's allergic to mangoes and I am too, I beg to differ.)
Anyways, so, he had a reaction and they had to give him something to slow the reaction and a different course of antiobiotics. So, he was all medded up with no party to go to. This man can take on Tylenol PM and sleep for ten hours a half hour later, so he's got a low tolerance for meds.
I talked to him last night, he's doing much better. The rash is subsiding, and the swelling has gone down slightly. They still have no idea where he got the infection. He doesn't see any cuts or open skin on his leg or ankle or foot, so he is baffled. He's been losing the feeling for the past few years in his feet, so now he has to be REALLY careful. But, he has always worn shoes in and out of the house so I'm not too concerned for him getting cut up. Unlike me, I keep buying slippers and rarely wear them. My feet get too hot. I can't stand stuff on my feet, even socks. Drives me nuts. If I could walk around barefoot everywhere, I would.
I digress. So, I was going to drive over to West Palm to go see him, but I was talking to him and he said I didn't need to come over since he wasn't in the hospital anymore. He's fine. Ok, I say, as long as you don't need me there. He said, nah, don't need ya. Ok.
So, that was a fun rollercoaster of emotions on Thursday night. After everything was happy again, we watched South Park, the new one. I peed my pants I laughed so hard. Excellent episode. And Kenny didn't even die. Woo!
School is going great. I wrote our paper on Sunday that was due on Tuesday. Absolutely the best paper I think I've ever written in this school. So far. A masterpiece of bullshit and knowledge. Ethical dilemmas. The idea of there needing to be a way to teach people ethics baffles me. I mean, wouldn't it be understood that you shouldn't screw over someone else? I guess not. We need to be taught business ethics. *sigh* This was just a taste. I actually am going to have a class that is based solely on ethics. My next class is marketing. I absolutely DETEST marketing classes. To me, marketing is the necessary evil of business. You have to make people aware of your product and make them want to try your product and keep using it. But, where is the line drawn? Do we really need so much chatter and noise in our environment? There are days when I actually crave silence. Just to sit in my room and not listen to anything or hear anything but the fish tank babble and the cat purr next to me. That's it. Those are the days that my blood pressure actually drops to low normal. For example, I love to watch TV as much as the next fat person, but there are days when I can't stand for it to even be turned on. No one is watching it. Why is it on? If you need noise, turn on the radio. Hum. Whistle. Talk to the dog and cat. Read out loud to the fish, no one pays attention to them anyways, they get lonely.
Work is going pretty well too. I getting things caught up and getting us moved forward a bit too. As much as you can be moved forward when pertaining to paying invoices (accounting is always behind since you are dealing with the past.) I finally figured out the Excel spreadsheet that we use for timekeeping. Yes, that's right, I figured it out. (Parilous, if you would like me to completely explain it, let me know, I have figured the secrets!! MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH *cough hack* HA HA) Don (my immediate boss) had to contact the former employee Debbie to find out how to add new jobs. After she gave him some vague information, I filled in the rest and completely figured it out. So, I am now the controller of the time keeping program. I have to get with the receptionist who takes the time to have her keep me updated on who is still employed with us and why they left. Also when new employees come. I have to not only put them on the spreadsheet but also input them in Quickbooks which we use for all of our checkprinting and accounting.
I am so happy to be learning accounting though. This job is something that most companies want you to have experience with. I had no formal experience, only balancing my checkbook,which sometimes I'm not even good at, but they didn't care. Because I can speak a little Spanish and can actually learn things. I'm a competent employee. A refreshing change from Debbie. I like to keep things in order and have them stay organized. I actually spent yesterday completely updating the timesheet, making new folders for our new jobs that we will be starting soon and getting my desk in absolute and complete order. Don likes to joke that it will never stay clean, and I beg to differ with him. I don't like to walk into a messy desk in the morning. I like it to be ready for me to tackle the next day. Neat piles. Sticky notes telling me which is top priority. THAT is how to keep on top of things. So, Monday, I shall input the new invoices that he has handed me and then job cost the rest of the past payrolls (three more to go, then I shall be done until Thursday). I will probably make Friday my job costing day and complete catch up/clean up day. I am still getting the hang of what days will consist of what jobs. I think this is the best way to deal with things though. Fridays are for job costing and entering in the credit card receipts for the week. Wednesday for handling the cash reimbursement receipts so that they have their reimbursement checks for Thursday with their paychecks. Mondays for entering invoices. Tuesdays for reviewing payroll and getting it all set up to call in on Wednesday morning. Thursdays for receiving paychecks from the payroll company and then figuring out where to distribute them. These guys are all over the area, so we have to figure out who can take them with them Thursday night or Friday morning so that everyone can get paid. After I get this stuff down, then I am going to learn how to handle some other stuff for the construction side of the business. This will help out Bobbie and Danielle immensely and let them focus on actually winning bids and getting the guys scheduled out to complete the jobs. Bobbie and I are working together to keep things up to date and running smoothly. Debbie wasn't someone who worked well with others and would get an attitude anytime anyone asked her to do something. I already help out a bit on the construction side, calling in insurance certs for general and workman's comp. So, that's a start. I'm learning a bit about liens. Soon, I'll probably learn how to submit the paperwork for notice to owners and what not. I am actually quite excited about this. I am ready to learn all I can about the concrete industry. Did you know that there are trade magazines dedicated to nothing but concrete?? Amazing. I thought Pen World was a bit nuts, but I guess there is a magazine about everything. There is also one dedicated to watches. "Watch Times" I couldn't make that up if I tried. The perks of working in book retail. Oh, and the best part of this job, they are thinking of getting health insurance!! Yay for me!! I totally need it. My blood sugar meds are about $50 every three weeks or so, and that's for generic. My blood pressure meds are about $10 without insurance, so that doesn't concern me, but the sugar meds do. Don't even get me started with lancets and test strips, those are around $80 w/o insurance and they expire just like meds do. And there is no generic equivalent for those. Pisses me off.
I think I'm done for now. Although, I'll probably post later about something that Kibbles asked about nextlife/afterlife/death stuff. It made me think a little and I think I would like to do a bit of an entry on those beliefs. Also, something porcelian72 talked about with not completely revealing feelings and stuff. I get that way sometimes too. I don't want everyone to know what I'm feeling exactly, sometimes I don't even want to know what I'm feeling. But, that's the point of the journal, no?

Ok, it's really long, so don't click unless you have about 20 minutes :)


(Since I started writing this, I was listening to Muddy Waters, now I'm on Beethoven's 9th. I love this piece. Immensely)

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