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I understand you are upset. I do, I get it. You haven't figured out how this phone works in the almost 12 months that you've owned it. It's cool. Not everyone can have a PhD in life. Let's work around it. But, when I please ask you to refrain from using profanity do not counter with, "I have freedom of speech and the right to say what I want." because I will counter with, "That is quite true ma'am, and I have the freedom not to listen to you curse at me. If you will let me speak, I can assist you with this matter, if you continue to talk over me and curse then I can not assist you further."
To use profanity again does not help your cause. When I give the branding statement to close the call and say no more while you are talking over me, no less, you say, "I didn't say anything bad!"
But, thanks for hanging up on me, that was cool, I didn't have to actually release the call.

It was over 3.99. A daily access fee that easily could have been avoided if she had done ONE thing, and that was take her phone off answering when it is flipped open. I would have walked her through it, possibly credited her back the money IF SHE BECAME NICE AGAIN even though she had a string of credits for being a dumbass, and explained how to not have to pay the fee. simple as that. If the call connects, that is a successful call, that counts. thank you, end of story. it's going to take the money. we aren't "stealing" it from you. *I* don't get anything more or less if it takes the fee or if I credit it back. Just stop fucking yelling at me and cursing me. I can't help you if I can't understand anything but "fuck this shit, this is bullshit, you fuckers just take my money all the time." Let's sit back and think about what causes that money to go bye bye. You keep repeating the same thing and this is what happens...hmmmmm are we sensing a pattern?

Why do I have a feeling this is the person who would continue to walk across the electrified floor to get a pellet?

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